Website for Gestalt Therapist and Sexual Coach

Website for Gestalt Therapist and Sexual Coach

Personal Growth from the dark into the light - branding & web design beyond clichés

Christina had already undergone numerous training courses: As a shaman, as a Gestalt counselor, as a sex coach. She had also already gained years of professional experience in related professions such as midwife and masseuse. But getting into action as a therapist and coach, realizing her new vision and finding her first clients was a new step despite her experience and also involved a certain amount of overload.

Christina had already taken advantage of business coaching, but important questions still remained unanswered – such as: Who am I as a therapist? How do I create a website that really represents me authentically? How do I write texts for my website?

How the clients WHY is connected to the aimed look & feel of the design

“All right, sex coach. Let’s make it red and sensual, but serious and classy,” I found myself thinking. Of course, as with every client, I did an intensive workshop to find out what really suited her. And she is a wonderful example of how unsuitable these clichés often are. As I’ve known her for a long time, I thought I knew what suited her even better than with new clients.

But my red design idea was not for her. In the workshop, we found out that for Christina, the most important and most beautiful thing about her work is when clients meet their shadows, accept them and something new emerges from them. When the client experiences true inner growth. That is Christina’s “WHY”.

It was therefore extremely important to her to represent light and shadow in her design and to find imagery that visualizes inner growth. Christina found the words “that moment when the sprout breaks through the layer of soil… or when a bud pops.” This is how we arrived at Christina’s key visual, the bursting onion blossom.

The overall design is very minimalist and sophisticated. The theme of shadow can be found in the dark purple, which also conveys a spiritual depth, the theme of light in the large white areas and the theme of growth in the fresh light green, which is reminiscent of buds in spring.

Once we had this theme visually to the point, the realization of the website was only a minor matter.

I assisted Christina with the texts with a workshop, help and advice and a text worksheet.

At the end of the process, Christina has a website that she is totally happy with and is always happy to show off. Incidentally, she is now also fully involved in the process and works with her clients almost every day.

The client about working with me

....... Although I already booked other business and marketing coachings, I didn't know how to present myself as a therapist. You then asked the right questions - instead of "what do you want to offer", "Who do you want to be? Who do you want to work with?". You put me on the right track. The design represents exactly what I want to bring out in myself as a therapist. I am absolutely happy with the result.

Christina Lehr
Client website:
Project scope
  • Webdesign Workshop
  • Identity Design Basics (Colors, fonts; for now without logo development)
  • Content Workshop
  • Implementation Website
  • Contents: Christina Lehr with my supervision