Website Relaunch Elementor

Website Relaunch in Elementor Pagebuilder

Website Relaunch Elementor

Website Relaunch in Elementor Pagebuilder

Relaunch Website for investment company RealUnit Schweiz AG

...... Bea Zeuner is a reliable and experienced web designer. We are very satisfied with the solutions, even for complex and extensive tasks. Many thanks for the attentive and reliable cooperation, high recommendation from the RealUnit team!

Bojan Jankovic, RealUnit Schweiz AG

RealUnit Schweiz AG is a listed investment company that invests in a broadly diversified range of real assets such as gold and other physical metals, equity investments, mainly in Swiss companies, and cash (CHF). It pursues the goal of protecting the assets entrusted to it from crises and loss of purchasing power in the best possible way.

In order to put the existing website on a sustainable footing, I implemented a relaunch in the page builder Elementor as a first step. I also implemented a change in the website structure, new pages and new content according to the client’s wishes.

The website for RealUnit Schweiz AG is constantly evolving in order to stay up-to-date with changes in the market and RealUnit Schweiz AG: New blog posts and new landing pages appear regularly. Some of the numerous projects for RealUnit in the last 2 years of collaboration went beyond the relaunch:

  • Technical implementation and design of a financial calendar, ad hoc news, corporate news and press releases. I used custom post types and user-defined fields to technically implement this content in such a way that the client can create new financial calendar dates and press releases without in-depth knowledge. This data is then displayed in several designs in the front end. More about this here.

  • Technical implementation of the translation of the website (over 25 pages, 46 blog posts and content for the financial calendar, ad hoc news, corporate news and press releases)

  • Ongoing updating of published documents and quarterly figures

  • Performance optimization of the website

In order to achieve the best result for RealUnit in the web acquisition of new investors, I collaborated on an interdisciplinary basis with Gregor von Site IT Rüdisüli (search engine optimization) and Markus Ursprung (PR and online marketing).

RealUnit Schweiz AG
Client website:
Project scope
  • Rebuild of existing website in Elementor, approx. 20 pages and 40 blog posts
  • Restructuring and addition of new pages according to customer requirements
  • Logo Design: Creative Concepts
  • Further development of branding and 1st version website design pre relaunch: Katja Möller
  • Design of new landing pages and other new content, implementation of new functions such as translation and a schedule overview that can be updated by the customer: Bea Zeuner
  • Contents: RealUnit Schweiz AG
  • SEO: Site IT Rüdisüli