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Webdesign Freelancer Agentur Kooperation

Web design cooperation with the brand agency immer weither

immer weither is a brand agency that specializes in redesigns. As soon as the new brand concept is ready, a web relaunch is often on the agenda or in the case of start-up concepts, of course, a completely new website. In order to be able to focus on core tasks and absorb workload peaks, Denise Either from the brand agency always relies on my support in the area of web design and implementation in Elementor / Wordpress. Our collaboration is always a rewarding game of ping-pong in which our strengths and ideas complement each other. Denise on the collaboration:

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Webdesignn UX UI für moderne digitale Steuerkanzlei

Website for digital tax consultant

Digital tax consultant and business administration graduate Heike Huitema has made it her mission to make tax returns and bookkeeping simple and digital for her clients.

The average tax consultant website is usually outdated, at best reputable, but not necessarily particularly inviting. Now, tax consultants usually have enough to do. But why not use a representative website to attract those clients who are a perfect fit for your own way of working?

In a brand workshop, I worked with Heike to determine which brand values, colors and styles best suited her and her target group. This web design is based on this – it couldn’t be further away from old-fashioned and boring – and at the same time competent, strong and flexible: a website for tax consultancy can also look like this!

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Logo und Webdesign für Hypnose Coach

Website for hypno therapist

“For many people, seeking help is a big step. I think a website where I can show my attitude and personality would help to build trust,” said Christiane at the start of our project. After Christiane had already worked with me to find her logo and her entrepreneurial identity, we now turned our attention to the website.

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Familienberatung Webdesign

Webdesign for a family and trauma therapist

(Re)finding peace, trust and a sense of security – and how a web design can adequately convey these values:
When pregnancy or the postnatal period is not as harmonious as hoped, nerves are often on edge. Iris Distelrath uses a technique called EEH (Emotionelle Erste Hilfe = Emotional First Aid) to help her clients become more aware of their own feelings and the needs of their child so that they can then find their own solutions.

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Software Facelift UI Design

Facelift UI Design for Logistik Software

VCE Solutions offers software solutions in the field of logistics such as parcel labeling and freight cost control. The various applications were originally developed as individual solutions for individual VCE customers. The challenge now was to combine the different building blocks into a uniformly designed module-based software. My support as a UI and UX designer was requested for the standardization and modernization of the interface as well as for advice on the structure of individual screens of the software.

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Website Relaunch Consulting Website

Website Relaunch for Logistics Consultancy and Software House

When I started at VCE as Marketing Manager, there was a strong urge for a new website. One of the reasons for this was that the website was not responsive, i.e. it did not adapt to different screen sizes. Since it was already 11(?) years old, so – no surprise. In discussions with the management, it also became clear that the content was not up to date and also not displayed very user friendly. The business has grown over the years and the website hasn’t quite kept up.

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